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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Hi there, my name is Nellie. Welcome to my site. I am excited to share my knowledge about automotive service on this site. I would like to help everyone learn about how to keep their cars and trucks in excellent condition over the years. My site will cover all of the different maintenance and repair tasks required by vintage and modern vehicles. I will talk about the tools and safety equipment you must use for each task. I hope you can use the information on my site to keep your vehicle well-maintained and running great. Thank you for your visit.

Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition


The Four Different Types Of RV Brake Services

The brakes on your RV are different than the brakes on your automobile. As such, they need to be serviced differently in order to ensure they are functioning correctly. Here are the four different types of RV brake services available and the frequency at which each is needed.  Inspection It is recommended that you have the brakes on your RV inspected at least one time a year. Those who drive their RV frequently or those who are getting ready to take their RV on a long road trip should consider having their brakes inspected more frequently.

Signs That Your Truck's Engine Needs An Overhaul

Your truck isn't just a vehicle, it's your livelihood. It's also your largest business investment and the single greatest determiner of your income potential. Treating your truck right means keeping up on maintenance and repairing problems as they come up, but the hard life of a semi means that every engine starts to get tired sooner or later. Giving up and moving onto a new truck is one option, but old truck repair can be a great way to save money and make sure that your bottom line stays in the black.

What Tire Dealers Want You To Know

In the world of tire dealers, an informed customer is a good customer. That's because folks who understand the different types of tires and how tires make a difference in the driving experience tend to also be customers who appreciate the value of spending a little bit more. Your vehicle's tires are where the rubber literally hits the road, and it's a good idea to learn why you should select products competently and keep an eye on them.

Save Your Transmission From Dangerous Fluid Leaks

Most people know that oil and coolant leaks can develop on older vehicles, but transmission leaks are potentially a major issue as well. If your car is equipped with an automatic transmission, then the fluid contained within is vital for its smooth operation. Not only does this fluid help to lubricate the internal parts of your transmission, but it also keeps the transmission fluid and is responsible for helping to get power from your engine to your wheels.

4 Brake Repair Tips To Get Your Classic Back On The Road After Years Of Sitting

Buying a classic car and restoring it to drive it is a rewarding project that takes a lot of work. Before you can even take your classic for a test drive, there are some essential repairs that need to be done for your safety, which includes the brakes. The following brake repair tips will help you get your classic ready for the road after years of sitting: 1. Inspecting Wheel Hubs and Greasing Bearings Before Starting on The Brakes

The Most Common Consequences of Hitting a Pothole

One of the first things you learn when learning how to drive is to avoid potholes. This is great advice because potholes can do a lot of damage to your car. If you accidentally run into a pothole, it's helpful to understand what damage might result so that you can be prepared. There are several symptoms of severe damage that you should look out for. Steering System Misalignment Potholes will sometimes lead to your steering system becoming misaligned.

Purchasing A New Audi? 4 Tips To Take Care Of Your Investment

If you are purchasing a new Audi, you need to take care of this investment so your car will last you a long time. This will also help keep you safe while you are driving, especially at night. Continue reading to learn four tips on caring for your new car. Check Timing Belt The job of the timing belt is to open and close the engine's valves and rotate the crankshaft at the same time.

A Few Signs You Need To Take Your Car In For Transmission Work

The transmission in your vehicle is responsible for making sure that the motor switches gears correctly. When you have a manual transmission, you will need to press the clutch and make the shift while an automatic transmission will make the change for you. However, both types can keep your car from running properly if they fail. A good way to make sure this doesn't happen is to take your vehicle into the shop as soon as you notice that something is wrong.

How to Decide When to Repair or Replace a Windshield

Being able to perform auto glass repair work versus having to do a full windshield replacement may help you save some money. It's important, though, to be sure that repairing the windshield is going to be a safe and effective choice. When dealing with such a situation, try to keep these four questions in focus. What Is the Size of the Chip or Crack? The most obvious factor in deciding whether to do a windshield replacement or repair job is the size of the damage done.

4 Tips For Caring For Your Recreational Vehicle (RV) In Storage

There's no doubt that seeing the world and having fun may be high on your list of things to do. One of the top ways to accomplish this goal may rest in owning a recreational vehicle (RV). Of course, doing so will require an investment of both your money and time. When you aren't using the RV, you may place it in storage. Being aware of top tips that will help it remain in good condition may be helpful.

Addressing Your Fleet Repair Needs Via One Or More Approaches

Fixing a fleet of trucks is never easy, not when they all seem to break down at the same time. There are a number of ways to handle these fleet repairs. You can always send the trucks to some distant repair shop, but that is not always the most convenient option. It might be time to take a closer look at how you can manage repairs more efficiently and keep your trucks on the road more often.

Things To Be Aware Of When Buying A Hybrid Vehicle: Pros And Cons

How could you benefit from choosing a hybrid vehicle over a regular, non-hybrid one? There are many different benefits, but also things you should be aware of before buying. The Definition of a Hybrid Vehicle A hybrid is any car that uses at least two engines instead of just one, which is the case with regular cars. For example, one engine can be an electric motor, and the other engine can be a conventional one – either diesel or petrol.

Three Behaviors That Could Contribute To Engine Damage

Your car's engine is designed to run within very narrow parameters in order to provide peak performance at precise intervals. If you don't take care of your engine, then you could risk causing damage to it. However, you may be doing damage to your engine without even knowing if you engage in certain behaviors. Here are three types of behaviors that could cause your engine to fail before its time.

Three Brake Questions And Answers For Car Owners

Without a functioning brake system, your vehicle will be extremely unsafe to operate. Unfortunately, car owners are frequently unaware of what they should be doing to care for the brakes of their car. This can lead to situations where they encounter problems that they are unable to effectively address. Do Squealing Brakes Always Need To Be Replaced? Squealing sounds coming from the brakes can be one of the more common issues your brakes may experience.

Is Your Vehicle Begging For A Brake Repair? Learn How To Find Out

It is best to make sure that you are doing everything you can to stay on top of the signs and symptoms of bad brakes. This way, you will know about the need for a brake repair as soon as possible. The sooner you find out, the sooner you will be able to get everything fixed and the less likely it is that you are going to run into a lot of intense or dangerous problems.

Why You Should Have Your Vehicle Maintained By A Professional

Whether you've owned your vehicle for a day or several years, it is never too late to start having it maintained by a professional on a regular basis. Following are a few good reasons to have your vehicle maintained by a professional service provider: No Small Problems Will Go Unnoticed One of the most important reasons to have your vehicle maintained by a professional service provider is to ensure that no small problems go unnoticed as time goes on.

Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Teen Driver About Tire Maintenance

Your teen now has their license and maybe even their own car, so you are fully prepared to send them off on their own as a new driver, but have you taken the time to teach them about tire maintenance? The fact is, you do not want to send off your new teen driver alone if they don't know a few basics because a bad tire could easily leave them stranded or in harm's way.

How To Replace The Upper Control Arm On Your 1998-2011 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck

One of the main signs that the ball joint on an upper control arm on your Ford Ranger is going bad is that the wheel will wiggle back and forth. This will affect your steering and wear your tire down faster than normal. If you don't have a pneumatic or hydraulic press to squeeze the ball joint out of the control arm, the easiest way to fix a bad ball joint is to replace the control arm.

Recognizing The Signs Of Old And Dirty Spark Plugs

Access to a motor vehicle is a convenience that many people take for granted. Without proper maintenance, your car could quickly turn from an asset into a headache. Being able to recognize the signs of damaged parts within your vehicle's performance will help you stay on top of your car's maintenance schedule. Here are three signs to watch for that will let you know your vehicle's spark plugs need to be changed.

3 Tips That Can Help Keep Your Vehicle's Transmission in Good Shape

One of the worst issues that can come up with your vehicle is finding out that you need to replace your transmission, mostly because replacing or repairing your transmission is often one of the most expensive auto-repair jobs that you can experience. As a result, it is vital that you do everything in your power to ensure that your transmission remains in good shape for as long as possible. Listed below are three tips that can help you keep your transmission in the best possible shape for as long as possible.

5 Warning Signs You May Need New Brakes

Keeping your car in good condition is sure to be the ideal way to remain independent. Being capable of driving yourself where you need to go is critical if you want to remain independent. However, your brakes may begin to wear down and require replacement. This is an essential component of your vehicle, and you'll want to ensure that you're capable of stopping quickly when necessary. It's a great idea to be aware of the warning signs that typically occur when it may be time to replace your brakes.

Perks Of Hiring A Mobile Mechanic For Upcoming Auto Repairs

Is your vehicle in need of urgent auto repairs? If it is and you want to be certain that you obtain the fastest and more convenient services then you may want to consider hiring a mobile mechanic to provide you with the repairs that are needed. There are many efficient services and features that a mobile mechanic can offer and this can make your overall experience much easier to deal with, especially when it comes to saving money and obtaining quality and convenient repairs.

Dealing With Overheating? The Answer Isn't Obvious

An overheating car is a dangerous issue because it could lead to one of the most expensive fixes out there: engine work. Burning up any part of the engine isn't something that needs to be risked, even if it means employment, since the bill itself could set you back further. Instead of assuming the severity of the issue, consider a few potential problems in order to go to a mechanic with some knowledge to support you.

3 Reasons Your Car Smells And What You Can Do About It

For most people, your vehicle is your second home. With so much time spent inside, it's not unheard of for a vehicle to sometimes have an unpleasant odor. This isn't the best-case scenario, but sometimes it's hard to determine exactly what the smell is, which makes it difficult to get rid of. With a little investigation, you might be able to locate the odor and work to eliminate it. Worn Carpet

Tips for Protecting Your Truck Body During the Winter

If you are someone who owns a truck, you likely enjoy the fact that you are able to use it not only for transportation but also to move larger items. It is difficult to get either of these benefits if your car constantly falls apart at a higher rate during the winter. With all of the salt and moisture, it's relatively easy for your truck's body to start to rust out, and that makes your truck look bad and shortens its lifespan.

4 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your New Mercedes

If you just recently purchased a new Mercedes-Benz, here are four easy ways that you can take care of your new vehicle and ensure that your new investment stays running and on the road for a long time to come. #1 Keep Your Vehicle Clean A Mercedes-Benz is a luxury vehicle. If you want it to look like a luxury vehicle, and if you want to protect the paint jobs and parts, it is vital that you wash it on a regular basis, even during the winter months.

Tips for Preventing Major Transmission Failure

Do you drive a manual vehicle? If you do, staying on top of your transmission maintenance can be more important than it is for someone who drives an automatic vehicle. This is because you are 100% in charge when it comes to the transition and timing of your gear shifting, and failing to drive your stick shift vehicle correctly can lead to costly transmission failure. To ensure you stay on top of your transmission maintenance, understand when your transmission is beginning to show signs of failing by doing the following:

3 Common Glove Box Cooler Faults And Repair Tips

When in good operating condition, your vehicle's glove box cooler keeps your food and drinks chilled to perfection. This innovative cooler stays chilled at an optimal temperature thanks to the efficient operation of your air conditioning system. Therefore, when your cooler fails to operate as expected, you can look for the cause through the diagnosis of A/C system faults. Here are three common causes of glove box cooler failures. Bad Blower Motor Relay

4 Questions To Ask A Mechanic Before Having A Car Repair Done

Nobody likes to shell out their hard-earned money for car repairs, but no matter how well you care for your vehicle, there's a good chance you'll need a mechanic's help in repairing or replacing a bad part at some point. Before you decide to have a recommended car repair done, however, there are a few questions worth asking your mechanic. How Dire is the Repair? If money is tight and the expense has come at a difficult time, ask your mechanic how dire the need for the repair is.

Serious Problems Caused by Worn or Broken Motor Mounts

Motor mounts are the cushioning parts around your engine to keep the engine stable and secure in your engine compartment. Most cars have at least three or two mounts to support the engine and one to support the transmission. Some cars may have more or have additional supports and stabilizers. Motor mounts also help to reduce vibration. Because many motor mounts are, at least partly, made of rubber, they tend to degrade or wear down over time.

3 Signals That Your Truck Needs Its Transmission Repaired

The transmission in your truck is second only to the engine in overall importance. Unfortunately, many truck drivers still struggle to recognize the signs that something may be going wrong with their transmission. If you would like to improve your automotive diagnostic skills, here are three common signals that your truck's transmission is ready for repair. Unusual Noises In Idle The transmission is used to put your truck in gear, as well as to change between gears once in motion.

3 Symptoms Of A Clogged Catalytic Converter

Though you may not realize it, the catalytic converter in your automobile is almost single-handedly responsible for turning toxic exhaust fumes into relatively harmless ones. Unfortunately, a bad catalytic converter is no longer capable of performing this task, thus leading to negative consequences both for the environment and for your car. If you would like to educate yourself about the signs of a clogged converter, here are three important symptoms.

Tips For Being Financially Ready For When You Need Your Vehicle Towed

Whether you have an older vehicle or a brand-new one, you will want to make sure that you are financially prepared to have it towed at any time. This way, you will never have to worry about being stranded on the side of the road with no clue how you are going to get your vehicle home or to your mechanic. To help you make sure that you are financially prepared for a tow at any time, you will want to read through the following suggestions.

Answering Some Routinely Asked Questions About Automotive Brakes

There are few components of your car that are more important for your safety than the braking system. However, it is a reality that many car owners are not particularly informed concerning this part of the car. To help you be a well-informed car owner, you will want to be aware of the following answers to some common questions car owners have about automotive brakes. Does It Matter That the Brakes Occasionally Make a Squealing Sound?

How To Replace The Taillight Assembly On A BMW 335I

All it takes is for someone to back up into you in a parking lot and the next thing you know you have a broken taillight. Replacing the taillight is something that most BMW 335i owners can do by themselves in less than an hour. You want to get an exact replacement taillight for your BMW to make sure it fits correctly and the wire connections are the same as what you have on your car.

How To Replace The Front Wheel Well Liner On A 1998-2011 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck

As your tire spins around while you drive, it will kick up a lot of road dirt and debris that can get all over your suspension system and external engine parts. The liners inside the wheel wells are there to prevent this from happening. If the liner deteriorates, you'll need to replace it to protect the suspension and engine parts. This is a job most vehicle owners can do by themselves.

3 Problems With Your Car That You Should Never Ignore

There are some circumstances where you have a problem and ignoring it will help it to go away. However, when it comes to your car, this is not a wise choice. If you ignore a problem with the car, it won't go away and heal itself; it will just get worse and worse until what was once a small problem is now a major issue. Here are some things you shouldn't ignore.

A Guide To Safely And Successfully Removing Your Car's Radiator

Like all of the components inside of a car, sooner or later the time will come when your radiator needs replacement. The good news here is that, for those with a DIY inclination and some basic automotive know-how, this task can be accomplished fairly easily. If you would like to increase your knowledge of automotive repair, read on. This article will discuss the first phase of a radiator replacement--removing a bad radiator.

3 Things You Should Be Looking For In Your Car To Catch Early

It is so important that every driver know how to care for a car. Just like the human body, if you ignore problems, they could become worse and worse until a tiny problem is so severe that it makes it hard or incredibly expensive to repair. That is why it is best to catch problems early. Here are some things that you should be checking for in your car. 1. A Rock Chip In The Window

How You Can Change the Blower Motor Resistor on a 1995–2011 Ford Ranger

A good sign that the blower motor resistor for your heater and air conditioner on your Ford Ranger is going bad is when you can only run the heater or air conditioner when the fan set on "high." The fan will stop running if you set it at a lower setting. Replacing the resistor is not difficult. The hardest part is reaching the resistor so you can replace it. If you own a 1995–2011 Ford Ranger with a bad blower motor resistor and you want to change it by yourself, here is how you can do it.

3 Tips For Ensuring That Your Clutch Lasts As Long As Possible

One of the most important components of any vehicle with a standard transmission is the clutch, which also happens to be one of the most expensive components to replace when it wears out. Listed below are three tips that can help you ensure that your clutch lasts as long as possible before needing to be repaired or replaced. Keep Your Foot Away From The Clutch Whenever Possible The single biggest way to reduce wear and tear on your clutch is to keep your foot away from the clutch pedal as often as possible.

Traveling For The Holidays? 4 Tips To Make Sure Your Car Is Prepared

If you're going to be taking a road trip, part of the plans should include ensuring that your car is properly prepared. This is particularly true if you're traveling into regions where cold weather – including ice and snow – are expected. To make sure you and your car are prepared, here are four steps you should take to get your car ready for your road trip. Make Sure You Have Roadside Assistance

Mold Causes All Kinds Of Troubles For A Car

Those little knocks and pings a driver hears from a car's engine usually leads to a trip to the local garage. Few drivers are going to ignore mechanical problems because they realize little noises may be indicative of big problems. Minor scratches or dents do not raise alarms. Neither do slight smells, even moldy and musty ones. Ignoring mildew smells inside a car is a bad idea though because mold may be growing.

Addressing Several Of The More Common Tire Care Questions

There are many aspects of caring for a car that you may overlook during the time that you own the vehicle. Sadly, these issues can result in some serious problems for your vehicle. In particular, it can be fairly common for individuals to be relatively uninformed when it concerns the care needs of their car's tires. You can help to prevent some relatively common tire problems by making sure you are informed about the following commonly asked questions and answers.

3 Signs That An Office Trailer Is The Right Choice For Your Business

If you are getting ready to open up a business, you might be looking into your commercial building options. There are a few different options that you can look into, but one option that you might not have thought about is purchasing an office trailer. Even though some business owners never think about the benefits of using an office trailer for their needs, it can be a good option. These are a few signs that it might be the right option for your place of business.

Is Your Windshield Cracked As Winter Approaches? Tips For You

Whether it is your first year in a colder climate or you have lived in an area with extremely cold winters all of your life, there are still some steps that you will need to take to ensure that you and your vehicle get through the winter safely and in one piece. If you have a crack or chip in your windshield that you have yet to address or deal with and the arctic chill of winter will soon be upon you, the last thing you want to do is leave it untouched.

Keep Your Car Safe From Collisions

An auto collision is never fun, and it can affect your health, your financial well being, and your driving record. Sometimes, it's worth it to take steps to protect yourself against a collision before it happens. Here are some ideas on how to do this. Drive Defensively The first thing to think about is how your own driving is keeping you safe from collisions. Tailgating and other risky habits are all too common on the road, but as a defensive driver, you'll want to stay several seconds' distance from other drivers and follow all road protocols, such as turn signal rules and avoiding rolling stops; these guidelines are put in place to give you plenty of time to react to road obstacles.

3 Tips For Buying Affordable Tires For Your Car

Having good-quality tires on your car is obviously very important if you want to be safe while you're on the road, but this doesn't mean that buying a new set of tires is very easy on your wallet. Tires can be definitely be expensive, especially for larger vehicles, but there are ways to cut costs. These are a few tips for buying affordable tires for your car. 1. Use Rebates

3 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Driving With A Chipped Or Cracked Windshield

Suddenly acquiring a crack or chip on your windshield can be a bit terrifying if you are out on the open road. Thankfully, most windshield chips or cracks end up being rather small in nature and will not immediately start spreading unless you give them a reason to. If you have a crack or chip on your windshield and can't get to an auto glass repair shop immediately, here are three tips you are going to want to keep in mind in order to keep things under control.

What's Different About Mechanics That Specialize In European Car Repairs?

Before you owned a European car, you might not have ever noticed all of the mechanic shops out there that specialize solely in European car repairs. However, now that you do own one of these vehicles, you might be wondering if it's best to take your car to one of these shops. In fact, you might be wondering what the big difference is in the first place. There are actually a lot of differences, all of which might impact your decision and make you decide that it really is best to take your car to a specialized mechanic.

Does Your Car Need A Realignment?

Many of your car maintenance responsibilities come with built-in reminders to complete them. Your service sticker reminds you when to get an oil change, and your dashboard notifies you when the pressure in your tires drops too low. However, not all vital maintenance tasks come with definitive reminders. For example, many car owners aren't sure when they need their wheels aligned. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your alignment receives just as much care as the rest of your vehicle.

Three Reasons To Install Home Window Tint This Winter

When the average homeowner thinks about window tint, they think about protecting against the intense heat of summer. While window tint does offer a great defense against summer heat, it can be just as helpful during the colder months of the year. If you are thinking about installing window tint for your home, but are putting it off until summer, here are just some of the reasons you should consider this upgrade now.

These Things Are Killing Your Battery -- Take Action Now Before It's Too Late

Your car's battery is an essential item, and if you are a car owner who wants to make that battery last as long as possible, you need to be very aware of what you're putting it through. Even the best battery will have issues if it encounters certain situations. Here's what you need to know and how you can help your battery survive for a longer time. Extreme Heat and Cold

4 Things That Can Affect A Crane Truck Boom

Is your crane truck practically useless because the boom does not operate with enough speed? The main aspect of a crane truck that is responsible for the movement of the boom is the hydraulic system. Getting to the root of the problem can be done by getting the crane examined by a heavy equipment repair technician. Below, you will learn about a few areas of the hydraulic system that might be in need of a repair.

3 Signs That Your Car Might Need New Brake Pads

When it comes to the most important parts of your vehicle, the brakes certainly rank near the top of the list. Ensuring that your car has good brakes is essential for the safety of you and everyone else on the road, and one of the first steps of taking good care of your braking system is replacing your brake pads as needed. If you don't know much about car parts, you might not know when your car needs new brake pads.