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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Tips for Preventing Major Transmission Failure

by Ana King

Do you drive a manual vehicle? If you do, staying on top of your transmission maintenance can be more important than it is for someone who drives an automatic vehicle. This is because you are 100% in charge when it comes to the transition and timing of your gear shifting, and failing to drive your stick shift vehicle correctly can lead to costly transmission failure. To ensure you stay on top of your transmission maintenance, understand when your transmission is beginning to show signs of failing by doing the following:

Check Your Transmission Fluid:

When checking your transmission fluid, you will want to check the color and level of your fluid. If your transmission fluid is low or if the color is a brown or black instead of a light pink or red color, then your transmission fluid won't be able to do a good job at properly lubricating your transmission components. Inadequate lubrication can cause the transmission to overheat, which can cause your clutch to burn out.

Check Clutch Performance:

A big thing to test when trying to figure out if your transmission is failing is whether or not your clutch is working properly. If you're noticing that you have to step further down on your clutch in order to transition your gears, then it is likely that your clutch has worn down to a low level to where it should be replaced. Failing to replace your clutch can cause it to burn out, and this can do serious damage to your transmission and your transmission's performance.

Be Aware of Cracked Gears:

Cracked gears can be a serious problem, but, if you catch this issue very early, then it is likely that you can have the gear either replaced or repaired instead of rebuilding your entire transmission. So, when driving around, check for noises that can occur when shifting gears as any crank or cracking noise can mean that a gear is potentially cracked. If a noise does occur, be sure to act quickly by taking your car to a local repair shop so that a professional can diagnose the issue and work on your transmission.

Taking advantage of these tips can help you understand what and when something is wrong with your transmission. Most importantly, these tips will allow you to act quickly on transmission issues so you can correct them before these problems escalate to a more expensive and complicated issue. For more tips on keeping your transmission in good condition, talk to a professional at B G & S Transmissions.