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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

The Four Different Types Of RV Brake Services

by Ana King

The brakes on your RV are different than the brakes on your automobile. As such, they need to be serviced differently in order to ensure they are functioning correctly. Here are the four different types of RV brake services available and the frequency at which each is needed. 


It is recommended that you have the brakes on your RV inspected at least one time a year. Those who drive their RV frequently or those who are getting ready to take their RV on a long road trip should consider having their brakes inspected more frequently. During an RV brake inspection, a professional is inspecting the shoe linings, the magnet arms, the brake drums, and the brake assembly for signs of wear or damage. If the shoe lining is worn, it should be replaced. If the lining or arms are broken or cracked, they should be repaired. 


Brake cleaning is typically done when your brakes are inspected. When brake cleaning is done, a soft brush is used to remove dust, dirt, and other residue that can reduce your RVs brake performance. These items get stuck in the brake area when you take your RV through the dirt or sand. While cleaning is taking place, grease can also be applied to the backing plate, helping to prevent wear from the shoe wearing on this part. You can also request to have your brakes cleaned anytime you begin to hear squeaking coming from your brake area. 


Some RVs have self-adjusting brakes. If your RV has these types of brakes, adjustments are not needed. However, if your RV does not have self-adjusting brakes, you need to have the brakes adjusted to ensure there is proper spacing between the shoes and drums. If you notice your RV seems to be a little bit slower to come to a stop, your brakes may need to be adjusted. 


The final type of RV brake service that you may need is brake repairs. Most brake repairs are caught during an annual RV brake inspection. However, if your brakes are screeching, squealing, or grinding, this may also be a sign that repairs are needed. 

Are you looking to have your RV brakes serviced? If so, you need to find an auto service company who specializes in RV brake services. RV brakes are different than automotive brakes, so the tools used, the way the brakes are repaired, and the signs that repairs are needed are different. Contact services like Massey’s Diesel & R.V. Repair to find a professional who offers RV brake repair services.