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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

How To Replace The Taillight Assembly On A BMW 335I

by Ana King

All it takes is for someone to back up into you in a parking lot and the next thing you know you have a broken taillight. Replacing the taillight is something that most BMW 335i owners can do by themselves in less than an hour. You want to get an exact replacement taillight for your BMW to make sure it fits correctly and the wire connections are the same as what you have on your car. If someone has backed up into your BMW and broken the taillight, here is how you can replace it with a new one.

You Will Need:

  • Ratchet
  • 9mm Socket
  • Short Socket Extension
  • Flathead Screwdriver

Removing the Old Taillight

Open the trunk so you can get to the access panel for the taillight. The access panel is located directly behind the taillight on the inner wall of the trunk The panel is typically covered with a layer of carpeting that is used to cover the trunk. There will be either a slot in the panel you can stick the tip of a flathead screwdriver into to pop it out or there will be a tab you can pull on to remove the panel. Remove the panel.

There is a set of wires connected to a wire harness that is plugged into the back of the taillight. You need gently pull on the wire harness to pull it out of the taillight. If it doesn't come out right away, wiggle it a little and it should come right out.

You will see three bolts running from the back of the taillight through a bracket to hold the taillight to the car. Loosen and remove the nuts on the bolts with the 9mm socket and ratchet. Once the bolts are loose, you can unscrew them with your fingers. There is a small opening between the car and the carpet, so you need to be careful to not drop the nut down under the carpet or you'll have to pull up the carpet to find it.

Once the nuts are removed, you can pull the taillight out of the back of the car. You may have to rock the taillight a little to get it to come out.

Install New Taillight Assembly

Set the new taillight into the place of the broken one. Put the nuts back on the bolts on the taillight and tighten them down with your socket and ratchet. Connect the wire harness to the electrical connection on the taillight assembly.

You should check your turn signals and brake lights to make sure everything is working well before you go for a drive.

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