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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Three Brake Questions And Answers For Car Owners

by Ana King

Without a functioning brake system, your vehicle will be extremely unsafe to operate. Unfortunately, car owners are frequently unaware of what they should be doing to care for the brakes of their car. This can lead to situations where they encounter problems that they are unable to effectively address.

Do Squealing Brakes Always Need To Be Replaced?

Squealing sounds coming from the brakes can be one of the more common issues your brakes may experience. Unfortunately, some individuals will fail to take steps to address this problem due to assuming that they will be forced to completely replace their brakes whenever this problem arises. However, it is often possible to repair this problem without being forced to completely replace the brake pads, rotors, and other components. For example, it can be possible to avoid this need if the brakes are low on lubrication or if they have a rock or other piece of debris stuck in them.

How Would You Know If Your Car Is Leaking Brake Fluid?

To allow you to easily slow or stop the vehicle, your brake system will have a fluid in it that will help to lubricate the moving parts of the system while also acting as a hydraulic fluid for magnifying the pressure of you applying the brake pad. Due to the important role of this fluid, it can be possible for the brakes to experience a sizable decrease in performance if a brake fluid leak develops. Unfortunately, it can be remarkably difficult for a person to become aware of this leak as it may only become visible or start leaking when the brake system is pressurized. If you notice that your vehicle is gradually starting to become more difficult to slow or stop, you may want to have the brakes inspected for a leak. A mechanic will be able to easily pressurize the brake system so that any leaks in it can be easily seen and patched.

Why Should You Flush Your Brake System?

Eventually, you may need to have your brake system flushed. As time progresses, residues, moisture, and other substance can start to collect in the brake fluid. These substances will be able to severely impact the performance of the brake fluid to the point where the brakes may be unable to function. Combating this issue will require the brake fluid to be flushed and replaced. The frequency of this maintenance will vary based on the design of your car, but the owner's manual will provide you with a schedule for when this type of maintenance should be done.

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