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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Does Your Car Need A Realignment?

by Ana King

Many of your car maintenance responsibilities come with built-in reminders to complete them. Your service sticker reminds you when to get an oil change, and your dashboard notifies you when the pressure in your tires drops too low. However, not all vital maintenance tasks come with definitive reminders. For example, many car owners aren't sure when they need their wheels aligned.

Follow these guidelines to ensure that your alignment receives just as much care as the rest of your vehicle.

Abnormal Handling

Most of the time, realignment corrects small wheel orientation issues that may be virtually unnoticeable. However, when a car goes out of alignment due to an impact, driving over a pothole, or other sudden cause, you may notice an immediate change in how the vehicle drives.

If your car is out of alignment, you may notice drifting or pulling to the sides or a crooked steering wheel even when you're driving straight. In some cases, you may also notice squealing or grating noises when you turn because the wheels have gone out of alignment enough to touch the wheel well. 

Oil Change

One of the easiest ways to remember to have your tires aligned is to connect the task with another maintenance responsibility. Some car experts recommend having your alignment checked every other time you bring your car in for an oil change. If you have your oil changed about every 3,000 miles, this schedule means you'll have your tires aligned about ever 6,000.

Once a Year

If your oil change routine varies or you need a recommendation that's easier to remember, have your tires aligned annually. If you haven't noticed any issues with handling, gas mileage, or tires, you're probably safe to schedule a realignment just once a year.

Recent New Tires

Regardless of your alignment schedule, you should always have your wheels realigned after you purchase new tires. Correct alignment can lengthen a tire's life expectancy significantly so it's in your best interest to start your brand new tires off with perfect wheel alignment.

This step ensures that your wheels are in the correct position for the type and size of tires you're using .Additionally, this realignment service reduces the risk of a tweak made while your tires were changed affecting how your car drives overall. 

If your car shows signs of misalignment or is overdue for a service, visit a trusted mechanic. Realignment ensures that your car's handling, gas mileage, and wear and tear stay within all optimal parameters. For more information, contact an auto shop like Checkered Flag Imports Inc.