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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Tips for Protecting Your Truck Body During the Winter

by Ana King

If you are someone who owns a truck, you likely enjoy the fact that you are able to use it not only for transportation but also to move larger items. It is difficult to get either of these benefits if your car constantly falls apart at a higher rate during the winter. With all of the salt and moisture, it's relatively easy for your truck's body to start to rust out, and that makes your truck look bad and shortens its lifespan. If you are interested in keeping your truck body looking good and intact during the winter, here are some tips.

1. Try Ceramic Coating

One way to protect your truck's body is to ditch the standard wax as a protective measure and, before winter really kicks into gear, to apply a ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is really helpful because it essentially boosts the protection that the paint on your truck's body is already providing. The ceramic coating forms a covalent bond with the paint. This is a bond at a molecular level. This sort of bond is much stronger than the bond that wax forms with the paint to which it is applied. This provides a more solid barrier between the moisture and salt and your vehicle's body.

Before you apply ceramic coating, you will need to remove any wax that is currently on the truck. Then, use a microfiber cloth to apply a very thin layer over your car's entire body, the wheels, and the trim. Then wait for however long the manufacturer specifies. Do not wait much longer because the ceramic coating will cure and become very difficult to add layers to. Once you have an adequate number of layers on your car, apply the final top coat and then wait overnight for the ceramic coat to cure. This will result in a strong protective bond with the paint that will make your truck's body resistant to moisture and salt.

2. Rinse Your Car

You should also strive to rinse the salt off your truck or go to the car wash on days when the weather is above freezing. Getting the lingering salt off of the truck will reduce the chances that the salt will make it past the ceramic coating layer and will result in damage to your truck's body.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in maintaining the truck body. They might have a specific coating that they recommend for your particular truck.