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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Things To Be Aware Of When Buying A Hybrid Vehicle: Pros And Cons

by Ana King

How could you benefit from choosing a hybrid vehicle over a regular, non-hybrid one? There are many different benefits, but also things you should be aware of before buying.

The Definition of a Hybrid Vehicle

A hybrid is any car that uses at least two engines instead of just one, which is the case with regular cars. For example, one engine can be an electric motor, and the other engine can be a conventional one – either diesel or petrol. The gas engine powers the vehicle at higher speeds, while the electric motor powers it at lower speeds. What makes them so special is the fact that they produce less CO2 emissions, but they conserve much more fuel than any other regular, non-hybrid car out there.

Hybrid Cars Are Environmentally-Friendly

One of the most important things that you need to know about hybrid cars is that they run cleaner and have a better gas mileage. This is an obvious draw. Since the electric engine can power a lot of your city driving, you can curb emissions and fuel expenditures.

They Are Lightweight

The fact that hybrid cars are made up of lighter materials is one thing that makes them unique. It means that they don't require a lot of energy to run. Their engines are much smaller as well, which means that you get to save a significant amount of energy.

Maintenance Is Different

Be aware that many parts of hybrid maintenance are different than regular car maintenance. One example is oil; your hybrid car may be more finicky about the quality of oil it runs on. Guidelines for replacing different vehicle components are also different. For example, your brake pads don't need to be replaced as often as in regular cars, because you actually don't use them a lot; a hybrid vehicle mostly uses regenerative braking instead of friction pads. Little differences like this are why you need to find a good auto repair shop that has at least one mechanic who knows about hybrid vehicles.

Towing Can Be Tough

When it comes to towing a hybrid vehicle, you must take care. Towing a hybrid vehicle without lifting the wheels onto a dolly could damage the computer. You must always be able to put the car in neutral, or else make sure the wheels don't touch the ground. A good towing contractor should have the equipment to do this carefully and correctly.

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