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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Serious Problems Caused by Worn or Broken Motor Mounts

by Ana King

Motor mounts are the cushioning parts around your engine to keep the engine stable and secure in your engine compartment. Most cars have at least three or two mounts to support the engine and one to support the transmission. Some cars may have more or have additional supports and stabilizers. Motor mounts also help to reduce vibration. Because many motor mounts are, at least partly, made of rubber, they tend to degrade or wear down over time. Below are some ways seriously worn or broken motor mounts can cause more problems.


When a mount is broken, you will likely hear strange rattling or clunking noises. In some cases, these noises may be accompanied by a vibration or shudder. The noise is particularly prominent when you brake or turn hard. This is different than the clicking or rattling sound of a bad joint, as it is usually not uniform or constant. A small amount of noise doesn't mean immediate replacement, but it should put you on notice to get things checked out. Large vibrations and loud clunks are more serious.


Because the motor mounts are supposed to keep your engine from moving around, when one breaks, it can cause excessive movement and strain on other systems. Your belts and hoses will stretch and may break more often because the engine is constantly moving or tilted at a strange angle. Other brackets may also break, and your exhaust pipe could separate or break from the manifold.

Loose engine

Motor mounts allow for some movement. However, your engine should not be bouncing around in the engine compartment. When one of your motor mounts is bad or broken, it puts stress on the remaining mounts. If more than one mount breaks, it's possible for your engine to completely fall out of the engine compartment. This is highly unlikely because most people (or their mechanics) notice the seriousness of the problem well in advance, but this does happen. Even if your engine doesn't fall out completely, you car will no longer be usable until you fix the problem.

Motor mounts are an important part to keeping your engine stable. Excessive engine movement from a broken or severely warn motor mount can cause problems with many other components, so it's important not to ignore the problem. If you are concerned that your motor mounts may be causing problems, have a mechanic, such as one from White Pass Garage, put your car on the lift, and then check the mounts out to make sure that they don't need replacement.