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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

The Most Common Consequences of Hitting a Pothole

by Ana King

One of the first things you learn when learning how to drive is to avoid potholes. This is great advice because potholes can do a lot of damage to your car. If you accidentally run into a pothole, it's helpful to understand what damage might result so that you can be prepared. There are several symptoms of severe damage that you should look out for.

Steering System Misalignment

Potholes will sometimes lead to your steering system becoming misaligned. Instead of traveling in a straightforward direction, you might notice your car drifting leftward or rightward. When the steering system is misaligned, this can be very hard on your tires, and you may even notice your tires squealing.

Damaged Wheels and Tires

Your tires and wheel might become damaged as a result of hitting a pothole. The wheel rim can sometimes become damaged. You might puncture a tire accidentally. When this happens, make sure to pull over and replace the tire if it has become flat. Use the spare to drive to a nearby tire repair service and consider having all your tires replaced so they won't have uneven wear. Even if your tire doesn't become flat as a result of a pothole, it may develop uneven wear.

Worn Out Suspension Systems

Your vehicle has a suspension system that is designed to support the weight of the vehicle. But when your car strikes a pothole, the force is transferred to the suspension system. This can lead to the suspension system struggling to absorb shock when hitting bumps. Your vehicle might also begin to experience performance issues. You may not experience problems with your suspension system immediately, but frequently hitting potholes will cause it to wear out faster.

Damaged Exhaust Systems

Depending on the depth of the pothole, you might even suffer damage to the exhaust system or undercarriage. Your exhaust may begin to make strange noises, and fluids may begin leaking underneath your car. Whenever you notice fluids underneath your car, you should get to the bottom of it immediately. 

If you notice that your car doesn't handle like it used to after hitting a pothole, make sure to visit an auto service center that can perform an inspection to determine if anything is wrong with your vehicle. As you get back on the road, try to avoid potholes as best you can and slow down if hitting a pothole is unavoidable.