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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

4 Things That Can Affect A Crane Truck Boom

by Ana King

Is your crane truck practically useless because the boom does not operate with enough speed? The main aspect of a crane truck that is responsible for the movement of the boom is the hydraulic system. Getting to the root of the problem can be done by getting the crane examined by a heavy equipment repair technician. Below, you will learn about a few areas of the hydraulic system that might be in need of a repair.

1. There is a Leak in a Cylinder

There are several cylinders on a crane truck that helps parts function. The cylinders are important because they store the oil that creates pressure for moving various parts. The boom lift cylinder is a possible part that you should be concerned about, as it might be cracked and leaking oil. When cracks are present in a cylinder, it is sometimes possible for a technician to seal them up. Large cracks might not be able to be sealed up, which means that you would need to replace the boom lift cylinder altogether.

2. Hydraulic Fluid Does Not Flow Through the Lines

It is possible that the hydraulic fluid in your crane truck is not flowing through the lines as it should. For example, the oil may have become contaminated with dirt and other types of debris. Contamination can cause the oil to become excessively thick, which is why it is unable to flow freely. A technician can simply remove the contaminated oil and replace it to bring the boom back to a fully functional condition.

3. The Piston Rod is Unable to Fully Function

The piston rod is one of the most important parts to boom operation on a crane truck. Basically, the piston rod is the part that moves the boom in different directions. When the piston rod is unable to function, it can also lead to the telescoping parts of a crane truck not moving. A malfunctioning piston rod might stem from something being wrong with the main hydraulic pump. Replacing or repairing the pump is likely to fix the boom problem.

4. Your Crane is in Need of Hydraulic Fluid

A lack of hydraulic fluid is one of the most common and simple causes of a boom not functioning as it should. If you know that it has been a while since hydraulic fluid was placed inside of your crane truck, it might be time to get the task done. Visit a heavy equipment repair technician at a company like JP's Truck Service to discuss the malfunctioning boom on your crane truck.