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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

3 Signals That Your Truck Needs Its Transmission Repaired

by Ana King

The transmission in your truck is second only to the engine in overall importance. Unfortunately, many truck drivers still struggle to recognize the signs that something may be going wrong with their transmission. If you would like to improve your automotive diagnostic skills, here are three common signals that your truck's transmission is ready for repair.

Unusual Noises In Idle

The transmission is used to put your truck in gear, as well as to change between gears once in motion. For that reason, most people would never think that a transmission problem could manifest while in idle. Yet, in the event that your transmission fluid has gotten too low, the transmission will often emit odd noises when your truck is at rest.

Thus the first thing you should do if you've noticed such sounds is check that your transmission fluid level is adequate, and add more as necessary. If you don't seem to be in short supply of fluid, this may instead be a sign that the fluid has gotten too old. Such fluid has often become sluggish as the result of debris, as well as chemical changes in the fluid itself. In that case, the best option is to schedule to have your mechanic perform a transmission flush as soon as you can.

Harsh Burning Smells

It's never a good sign when your truck starts to emit acrid burning odors. As you are likely already aware, such smells are often caused by leaks that have led to oil being combusted on the hot engine. Yet these smells can also be caused by overheated transmission fluid. This is often the case when the fluid level has dropped too far below its minimum threshold.

Scorched transmission fluid will have a harder and hard time doing its job--that is, keeping your truck's transmission cool. Thus friction inside the transmission will grow and grow, eventually threatening an outright transmission failure. Such failure may also occur as a result of the burned fluid becoming increasingly sludge-like, to the point that it finally begins to impede the proper movement of your transmission.

Truck Runs Rough

When a transmission has been tuned properly, you should not experience any roughness, jerking, or shaking when your truck is in motion. If you have noticed that your truck is running more and more jerkily, it may be the case that you are experiencing the early stages of transmission failure. Such problems will tend to be worst when you are shifting into gear from neutral. Be sure to mention this to your mechanic, such as Color Country Diesel Inc, who will be able to evaluate whether your transmission is in need of a tune-up, or even an overhaul.