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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

4 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your New Mercedes

by Ana King

If you just recently purchased a new Mercedes-Benz, here are four easy ways that you can take care of your new vehicle and ensure that your new investment stays running and on the road for a long time to come.

#1 Keep Your Vehicle Clean

A Mercedes-Benz is a luxury vehicle. If you want it to look like a luxury vehicle, and if you want to protect the paint jobs and parts, it is vital that you wash it on a regular basis, even during the winter months.

You should strive to wash your Mercedes-Benz on a weekly basis, using soft sponges and drying your vehicle with a microfiber cloth so as to not scratch the paint. In the winter, it is vital that you wash your vehicle frequently so that salt and grime doesn't wear down your vehicle.

#2 Cover Your Vehicle Up

If you don't drive your Mercedes-Benz on a regular basis, you should invest in a cover specifically designed to go over your vehicle. This will help protect your vehicle from damaging UV rays during the warmer months of the year. It will help keep leaves from sticking to your vehicle and leaving behind an imprint in the fall, and will keep snow and ice from piling up on your vehicle in the winter time. 

A cover is a great way to protect the luxury look and feel of your vehicle.

#3 Use The Right Gas

Make sure that you know what type of gas your specific model of Mercedes needs. Just because it is a luxury vehicle doesn't mean that it needs premium gas. The type of gas that your vehicle needs should be stated within the owner's manual and printed inside the gas door.

Make sure that you put the right type of gas in your vehicle. Using a lower or higher rated gas can actually harm your engine. So don't assume, check and verify the type of gas and octane level that it needs.

#4 Follow Maintenance Schedule

As a luxury vehicle, it is important that you follow the recommendations within the owner's manual for service. This will help keep up the value of your vehicle and will help keep it running smoothly.

If you don't drive your Mercedes that often, that doesn't mean you can skip on the maintenance. If fact, if anything you need to be more careful about it. When your vehicle sits unused for long periods of time, the belts and hose can crack, the battery could die or the tires could lose their pressure. If you store your vehicle for much of the year, get an inspection before you hit the road with it again. 

Following the four simple steps listed above will keep your new Mercedes-Benz or other luxury vehicle in great visual and running shape for years. For more information, contact companies like Sterling Service Inc.