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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

3 Common Glove Box Cooler Faults And Repair Tips

by Ana King

When in good operating condition, your vehicle's glove box cooler keeps your food and drinks chilled to perfection. This innovative cooler stays chilled at an optimal temperature thanks to the efficient operation of your air conditioning system. Therefore, when your cooler fails to operate as expected, you can look for the cause through the diagnosis of A/C system faults. Here are three common causes of glove box cooler failures.

Bad Blower Motor Relay

The air conditioning system pumps icy cold air into the glove box cooler using the blower motor. If the blower motor completely stops pumping cold air into the glove box, the electrical relay, or fuse, likely failed. On most vehicles, you can find the relay under the dash on the driver's side. The relay should be located on or near the fuse box. You can use the repair manual for your vehicle to positively identify the blower motor relay. Once you find it, you simply pull out the old relay and replace it with a new one.  

Stuck Blend Door Actuator

The blend door actuator moves back and forth to channel heat or air conditioning through the vehicle. If the door sticks partially open, cold air produced by the air conditioning system will combine with outside air and drop the efficiency of the system. When this happens, the air in your glove box cooler will feel moderately cold at best. To fix this problem, you must remove debris or other obstructions preventing the door from closing. You can also use lithium grease to lubricate the door and ensure it can properly open and close on demand.  

Defective Inner Vent Mechanism

Cold air flows into the glove box cooler by way of a small inner vent. If items inside the glove box damage this vent, the fins may inhibit cold air from flowing into that space. You can visually inspect the inner vent mechanism for damage to determine if this is the cause of your problem. If you notice any damage, you must fully replace the inner vent, which will likely require removal and reinstallation of the glove box.

Fixing Your A/C Components

If you cannot track down the cause of the glove box cooler failure on your own, you may want to seek air conditioner diagnosis and repair services at a professional shop like Modern Auto Air. Your technician will utilize industry specific tools and techniques to track down the issue and perform the necessary repairs. With just one visit to the shop, it is very likely that your glove box cooler will be returned to a fully functional state once again.