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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Teen Driver About Tire Maintenance

by Ana King

Your teen now has their license and maybe even their own car, so you are fully prepared to send them off on their own as a new driver, but have you taken the time to teach them about tire maintenance? The fact is, you do not want to send off your new teen driver alone if they don't know a few basics because a bad tire could easily leave them stranded or in harm's way. Take a quick peek at the few basics you need to make sure your teen driver knows before they set out on their own. 

Teach them how to tell when a tire is too low. 

A low tire can be caused by a lot of things, from an air leak to changes in weather and temperature, and may not seem like a major deal. However, a tire that does not have the right amount of air pressure will change how the car handles, so this is definitely something your teen driver needs to be able to point out. Show them how to visually see that a tire is too low and even allow them to drive a short distance with you in the car with a low tire so they can feel the difference. Likewise, show them how to use a tire pressure gauge and make sure they have one in the car they usually drive. 

Teach them how to plug a tire. 

Plugging a tire on the fly is one of those skills that can make a desperate situation a lot easier on any driver. Make sure the teen has a good tire plugging kit in their car for emergencies and show them how to use it. You can pick up an old tire at a tire shop to use to give them the basic instructions. Just pop a hole in it yourself with a sharp object and then go through the tire plugging process with them. 

Teach them how to properly change a tire. 

As basic as changing a tire is, a lot of drivers fail to learn how to do this the right way and this is definitely something every teen driver needs to know. Go through the entire process of changing one of the tires on the vehicle for a spare. You can instruct them by showing them, but it is a good idea to have them go through the process on their own while you watch and teach them how it should be done. 

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