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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Tips For Being Financially Ready For When You Need Your Vehicle Towed

by Ana King

Whether you have an older vehicle or a brand-new one, you will want to make sure that you are financially prepared to have it towed at any time. This way, you will never have to worry about being stranded on the side of the road with no clue how you are going to get your vehicle home or to your mechanic. To help you make sure that you are financially prepared for a tow at any time, you will want to read through the following suggestions.

Hide Cash In The Vehicle

Save a few hundred dollars and hide it somewhere in your vehicle where no one is going to casually stumble across it. Maybe you can create a hidden compartment under one of the seats, or you can tape a small envelope inside of the owner's manual that you keep in the glove box. If you are unable to come up with all of that money at once, just start adding spare money to your secret stash whenever you have it. It will eventually build up to be enough for a tow truck.

Dedicate A Credit Card For Emergencies

Pick one of your credit cards with an available balance or apply for a new one so you will always have a charge card that you can use for a tow truck if it is ever needed. You can also use that credit card for other expenses related to an emergency while you are out on the road, such as replacing a flat tire or paying for a motel room because you have to stay overnight out of town while your vehicle is repaired. Just make sure that you are either keeping that credit car in the vehicle or in a hidden slot in your wallet. This way, you will not be as tempted to use it while you are out shopping and stumble across some good deals.

Pay For A Roadside Assistance Membership

Take the time to find the best possible roadside assistance membership in your area and sign up for it. Pay the monthly or yearly membership fee, and accept any upgrades that are needed in order for you to obtain the highest number of towing miles. This way, even if you break down on a road trip, your membership will allow you to get the vehicle back home or to the mechanic without you having to pay anything out of pocket for the tow truck.

After reading through the previously mentioned tips, you should have a much easier time figuring out the best way for you to become financially prepared for any future tow trucks you may need to call. For more information on towing services, contact a company like Exit 48-24 Hour Repair.