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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Recognizing The Signs Of Old And Dirty Spark Plugs

by Ana King

Access to a motor vehicle is a convenience that many people take for granted. Without proper maintenance, your car could quickly turn from an asset into a headache. Being able to recognize the signs of damaged parts within your vehicle's performance will help you stay on top of your car's maintenance schedule.

Here are three signs to watch for that will let you know your vehicle's spark plugs need to be changed.

1. Your car doesn't turn over immediately.

The spark plugs are responsible for creating the spark that ignites the combustion engine within your vehicle. When the spark plugs in your car get old or become too dirty, they cannot spark properly. This will cause your vehicle to have a hard time turning over.

If you notice that it takes several turns of the key to get your car started, it would be wise to visit a mechanic to have your spark plugs replaced in order to restore optimal performance levels.

2. Your car misfires while driving.

When the spark plugs inside your vehicle's engine become damaged or dirty, they cannot fire properly in order to keep the cylinders within the engine ignited. You may notice that your vehicle begins to misfire as your spark plugs age, and these misfires could be causing an increase in the emission levels created by your vehicle.

To avoid placing undue stress on your engine and having your car potentially fail its next emissions test, replace the spark plugs as soon as you notice misfires occurring while you are driving.

3. Your car doesn't accelerate as quickly as it used to.

It's important to monitor how responsive your vehicle is when you press the gas pedal if you are trying to ascertain the condition of your car's spark plugs. A vehicle should accelerate in response to pressure on the gas pedal, and any lag in this response time could be indicative of faulty spark plugs.

As soon as you notice that your vehicle becomes sluggish in its acceleration response time, have your mechanic replace the spark plugs to restore maximum performance.

Caring for your vehicle is essential when it comes to ensuring that it will be able to run smoothly. Being able to recognize when it's time to replace your car's old and dirty spark plugs will help you maintain optimal performance levels as you drive your vehicle down the road in the future.