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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

3 Tips For Buying Affordable Tires For Your Car

by Ana King

Having good-quality tires on your car is obviously very important if you want to be safe while you're on the road, but this doesn't mean that buying a new set of tires is very easy on your wallet. Tires can be definitely be expensive, especially for larger vehicles, but there are ways to cut costs. These are a few tips for buying affordable tires for your car.

1. Use Rebates

Many tire manufacturers actually offer cash rebates to those who buy their tires. However, a lot of people never actually fill out the paperwork and send it in, which means that they could be losing out on hundreds of dollars. Consider looking for options that include rebates, and make sure that you fill all of your paperwork out! It might take a few weeks for you to get your money back, but it can be worth it if you are able to get a great set of tires for a great price.

2. Shop Around

Don't just buy tires from your regular mechanic's shop. Tires can range greatly in price, depending on where you shop, so it definitely pays off to shop around so that you can compare prices before you buy. Consider shopping online, where you might be able to find good deals, or check out your local warehouse stores and clubs, which often offer discounts on tires for their members. 

3. Choose a Basic Tire

In many cases, people buy more expensive tires that they don't really need. For example, if you don't live in a climate that experiences a lot of snow and ice during the winter, you're probably fine with all-terrain tires rather than investing in snow tires during the winter. If you don't take your truck out into the mud very often, there is really no point in putting mud tires on your vehicle, since they do cost more. You also don't necessarily have to buy racing tires just because you have a sports car. A lot of people make these mistakes, but buying basic tires can be much more affordable, as long as they are all that you need for your regular driving habits.

As you can see, you don't have to be stuck spending a ton of money on expensive tires for your vehicle. You also don't have to buy used tires in order to get a bargain. Instead, try these tips for buying more affordable tires for your vehicle. For more information, contact companies like Collier Tire Auto & Truck Repair Center.