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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Keep Your Car Safe From Collisions

by Ana King

An auto collision is never fun, and it can affect your health, your financial well being, and your driving record. Sometimes, it's worth it to take steps to protect yourself against a collision before it happens. Here are some ideas on how to do this.

Drive Defensively

The first thing to think about is how your own driving is keeping you safe from collisions. Tailgating and other risky habits are all too common on the road, but as a defensive driver, you'll want to stay several seconds' distance from other drivers and follow all road protocols, such as turn signal rules and avoiding rolling stops; these guidelines are put in place to give you plenty of time to react to road obstacles.

Get a Better Braking System

Your brakes are one of the key vehicle components that can make all of the difference between a collision and a close call. At the least, make sure you're getting your brakes checked every year. An auto brake repair service will look for the condition of the brake pads and give you a percentage of functionality that's left in them. You'll want to replace them if the threshold is below 25% or if one brake pad is much more worn than the others.

You might also consider upgrading your brakes to help prevent collisions. Ceramic brake pads are one option that's said to have higher performance than regular brakes. An anti-lock braking system is another option. This type of brakes system prevents a loss of steering control while braking. It does so by using speed sensors to determine when one wheel is locking up and releasing the brake pressure on that wheel.

Take a Look at Crash Avoidance Technologies

Crash avoidance technologies are also worth looking into. There are several kinds. Some technologies try to detect when you are veering out of your lane, and then they will give you a warning or even correct your steering automatically. Other crash avoidance technologies work by warning you when you are about to touch another object and automatically reducing your velocity. Even something as simple as a rear view camera will help you avoid collisions with objects or cars when you are backing up.

Get Collision Insurance

A final component of collision preparedness is having a plan for what you'll do if a collision does occur. Collision auto insurance is a great idea because it will help you cover the costs of repairs, no matter who is at fault. It will also put forth money for temporary transportation while your car is in the repair shop.

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