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Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

Hi there, my name is Nellie. Welcome to my site. I am excited to share my knowledge about automotive service on this site. I would like to help everyone learn about how to keep their cars and trucks in excellent condition over the years. My site will cover all of the different maintenance and repair tasks required by vintage and modern vehicles. I will talk about the tools and safety equipment you must use for each task. I hope you can use the information on my site to keep your vehicle well-maintained and running great. Thank you for your visit.

Keeping Your Vehicle In Great Condition

    How To Replace The Taillight Assembly On A BMW 335I

    All it takes is for someone to back up into you in a parking lot and the next thing you know you have a broken taillight. Replacing the taillight is something that most BMW 335i owners can do by themselves in less than an hour. You want to get an exact replacement taillight for your BMW to make sure it fits correctly and the wire connections are the same as what you have on your car.

    How To Replace The Front Wheel Well Liner On A 1998-2011 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck

    As your tire spins around while you drive, it will kick up a lot of road dirt and debris that can get all over your suspension system and external engine parts. The liners inside the wheel wells are there to prevent this from happening. If the liner deteriorates, you'll need to replace it to protect the suspension and engine parts. This is a job most vehicle owners can do by themselves.

    3 Problems With Your Car That You Should Never Ignore

    There are some circumstances where you have a problem and ignoring it will help it to go away. However, when it comes to your car, this is not a wise choice. If you ignore a problem with the car, it won't go away and heal itself; it will just get worse and worse until what was once a small problem is now a major issue. Here are some things you shouldn't ignore.

    A Guide To Safely And Successfully Removing Your Car's Radiator

    Like all of the components inside of a car, sooner or later the time will come when your radiator needs replacement. The good news here is that, for those with a DIY inclination and some basic automotive know-how, this task can be accomplished fairly easily. If you would like to increase your knowledge of automotive repair, read on. This article will discuss the first phase of a radiator replacement--removing a bad radiator.

    3 Things You Should Be Looking For In Your Car To Catch Early

    It is so important that every driver know how to care for a car. Just like the human body, if you ignore problems, they could become worse and worse until a tiny problem is so severe that it makes it hard or incredibly expensive to repair. That is why it is best to catch problems early. Here are some things that you should be checking for in your car. 1. A Rock Chip In The Window

    How You Can Change the Blower Motor Resistor on a 1995–2011 Ford Ranger

    A good sign that the blower motor resistor for your heater and air conditioner on your Ford Ranger is going bad is when you can only run the heater or air conditioner when the fan set on "high." The fan will stop running if you set it at a lower setting. Replacing the resistor is not difficult. The hardest part is reaching the resistor so you can replace it. If you own a 1995–2011 Ford Ranger with a bad blower motor resistor and you want to change it by yourself, here is how you can do it.

    3 Tips For Ensuring That Your Clutch Lasts As Long As Possible

    One of the most important components of any vehicle with a standard transmission is the clutch, which also happens to be one of the most expensive components to replace when it wears out. Listed below are three tips that can help you ensure that your clutch lasts as long as possible before needing to be repaired or replaced. Keep Your Foot Away From The Clutch Whenever Possible The single biggest way to reduce wear and tear on your clutch is to keep your foot away from the clutch pedal as often as possible.

    Traveling For The Holidays? 4 Tips To Make Sure Your Car Is Prepared

    If you're going to be taking a road trip, part of the plans should include ensuring that your car is properly prepared. This is particularly true if you're traveling into regions where cold weather – including ice and snow – are expected. To make sure you and your car are prepared, here are four steps you should take to get your car ready for your road trip. Make Sure You Have Roadside Assistance